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Parasoft aims to provide more insight into software quality in DTP

With the pressures to get software to market faster, Parasoft wants to help developers detect and fix risks as fast as possible. The company just announced the latest release of its Development Testing Platform (DTP), designed to ensure quality doesn’t get lost in the life cycle. “Not only must software get out the door fast, … continue reading

New Parasoft Release Enables Continuous Testing and Significantly Expands Test Coverage and Traceability

Monrovia, CA –Parasoft announced today the release of a consolidated platform uniting API testing, service virtualization, and test environment management. The new product capabilities allow an organization to “shift left” the testing effort and accelerate the SDLC to meet the growing time-to-market pressure for software applications. Parasoft’s enterprise-grade API Testing solution for testing end-to-end transactions … continue reading

Testing in a modern, mobile and agile world

Test early and test often is a mantra every tester these days is familiar with, but with the advent of mobile and methodologies such as DevOps and agile, testing can get lost. “Organizations are expected to put code out faster, and there are pressures to do that, said Kyle Cochran, vice president of product management … continue reading

Visual Studio 2013: The Buyers Guide

Companies weigh in on Visual Studio 2013, and we list companies and products you should consider … continue reading

Developers in 2013: Focus shifts to testing and security

The one recurring theme throughout 2013: Test early, test often, or else … continue reading

Parasoft creates test environment for transactions

Newly created Virtualize captures information from complex systems for test modeling and creation … continue reading

Parasoft homes in on development process with latest Concerto

Company says that QA teams will see reduced rework and cut costs through automated defect prevention and detection … continue reading

Parasoft pushes automated testing into developer’s IDE

The combination of test tools and an IDE gives developers access to static code analysis, code review and more … continue reading

Parasoft’s Concerto 4.0 adds process templates

: New features help developers create software that adheres to official market and industry standards … continue reading Protection Status
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