Harness announces new Jira integrations

The software delivery platform provider Harness today announced the release of the Harness Continuous Integration (CI) module and Harness Feature Flags which give customers visibility into feature development and release information with Jira Software.  “Integrating Harness and Jira Software through Harness CI and Feature Flags provide users what they need most today: a consolidated view … continue reading

InstallAware improves IDE’s visual designers and setup engine in Multi Platform Beta 4

InstallAware announced updates such as instant access to commonly used operations, setup build modes with output folders, significant improvements to the IDE’s visual designers and the setup engine, and more in the latest Multi Platform Beta 4 release.  Developers can benefit from larger IDE fonts and unified dialog theme file names in the latest beta.  … continue reading

Android Studio Flamingo released with several UI improvements

Google announced that the latest version of its IDE for building Android apps, Android Studio Flamingo, is now stable. The new release of the IDE includes improvements to help build UIs with Live Edit, new features that assist with inspecting apps, IntelliJ updates, and more.  Developers can build an app using Compose by pushing code … continue reading

Amazon CodeWhisperer brings AI-assisted development to AWS

The newly launched CodeWhisperer is a tool that uses AI-generated suggestions to help developers maintain their focus and stay productive by allowing them to write code quickly and securely without disrupting their workflow by leaving their IDE to look up information. The tool is especially useful for creating code for routine and time-consuming tasks, and … continue reading

UserTesting announces friction testing capability

UserTesting announced machine learning innovations to the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to help businesses gain the context needed to understand and address user needs. One update is friction detection powered by machine learning to visually identify moments in both individual video sessions, and across multiple videos, where people experience friction behaviors like excessive clicking or … continue reading

Android updates data deletion policy to provide more transparency to users

Google announced a new data deletion policy to provide users with more transparency and authority when it comes to managing their in-app data. Developers will soon be required to include an option in their apps for users to initiate the process of deleting their account and associated data both within the app and online on … continue reading

Progress Sitefinity DX 14.4 aims to improve user engagement and increase customer satisfaction

Progress announced the latest release of Progress Sitefinity DX 14.4 with new features to help organizations modernize their digital experiences including enhanced behavioral analysis, expanded conversational interfaces, and a high-performance frontend backed by .NET 7.  Progress’ composable digital experience platform (DXP) revolves around Progress Sitefinity, providing organizations with the capability to create personalized digital experiences … continue reading

Most severe supply chain attacks occur due to third-party dependencies

Software supply chain attacks occur primarily because most software development involves using third-party dependencies.  The most severe attacks occur on a “Zero Day,” which refers to vulnerabilities that have been discovered without any available patch or fix, according to William Manning, solution architect at DevOps platform provider JFrog, in an ITOps Times Live! on-demand webinar … continue reading

vFunction enables continuous monitoring, detection, and drift issues with latest release

The vFunction Continuous Modernization Manager (CMM) platform is now available, enabling software architects to shift left and find and fix application architecture anomalies. vFunction also announced a new version of vFunction Assessment Hub and updates to vFunction Assessment Hub. CMM observes Java and .NET applications and services to set baselines and monitor for any architectural … continue reading

Google attempting to combat spread of misinformation with new Search features

Google announced five new ways to help users find accurate information more easily and to combat the spread of misinformation online. One improvement is the “About this result” feature soon available in all languages where Search is offered. This feature aims to help users assess information and its origin.  When searching on Google, users will … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: OSC&R Software Supply Chain Attack Matrix

The OSC&R (Open Software Supply Chain Attack Reference) is an open source framework used for understanding and evaluating existing threats to entire software supply chain security. OSC&R was created to establish a standard language and structure for comprehending and evaluating the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) utilized by attackers to breach the security of software … continue reading

Google is partnering with Replit to provide AI-assisted IDE

Replit announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide cloud infrastructure and services to Replit users. Standalone chat LLMs don’t have a project’s context and can’t be used to their full potential until they’re brought into an IDE, according to the Replit team in a blog post. The new partnership with Google Cloud aims to … continue reading

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