premium SD Times May 2023

The May issue of SD Times is now available. This month’s issue includes a look at CI/CD pipelines, how tools are now crucial to implementing Agile, and whether AI can really be a developer.                               … continue reading

premium SD Times April 2023

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. This issue features a look at how blockchain fits into today’s enterprise, how tech professionals can survive a wave of layoffs, and why MFA adoption is lagging.                     … continue reading

Quality assurance assures great user experiences

The user experience has become critically important in today’s digital world, even as organizations struggle to align testing with the speed of delivery. Functional tests, performance tests and UI tests, among others, can reveal if an application isn’t behaving or performing as expected. But on their own, they can’t tell you if your user is … continue reading

Platform engineering brings consistency to tools, processes under one umbrella

When creating a platform engineering team, an important first step is the interview process. What do developers want and need? What works, and what doesn’t?  Sounds like what companies do when reaching out to customers about new rollouts, right? Well, it is, when you consider your development team as being customers of the platform. “Treat … continue reading

premium SD Times March 2023

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. This month’s issue features a look at how to tend to open-source like a garden, the soft skills needed for project management, and why OpenTelemetry has become so crucial.                           … continue reading

premium SD Times February 2023

The latest issue of SD Times is now available for digital download. Grab your copy to read about how observability removes blind spots for developers, why you shouldn’t be worried about ChatGPT doing your job, and how to build trust in AI for software testing.                     … continue reading

Atlassian to ‘Unleash’ Agile, DevOps best practices at new event

Struggling with Agile and DevOps implementations? Wondering what the best practices for success are? Join Atlassian on Feb. 9 for a live (in Berlin, Germany) and virtual event called Unleash, at which the company’s customers will describe how they achieved greater efficiency and faster time to software delivery. According the Megan Cook, head of product, … continue reading

premium SD Times January 2023

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. In this issue, we declare 2023 the year of continuous improvement, look at other predictions for the new year, and share more insights on the SRE role.                             … continue reading

2023 predictions for software development

2022 saw business and technology come together under the banner of value stream management, more uptake in microservices and other cloud-native technologies, and a greater emphasis on software quality and security. What will 2023 bring? These industry experts share their thoughts. Nick Durkin, Field CTO, Harness Measuring developer effectiveness in 2023 In 2023, we will … continue reading

premium SD Times December 2022

The latest issue of SD Times is here. The December edition features a look into the Brilliant Black Minds program, new privacy laws coming to the U.S. in 2023, and our 2022 year in review.             … continue reading

Improve Business Resilience and Customer Happiness with Quality Engineering

Today’s global markets are rapidly evolving, with continual shifts in customer needs and preferences across both B2B and B2C industries. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deliver innovative, high-quality product experiences that retain customers — which ultimately limits the ability for companies to remain competitive. Many companies focus on quickly launching features to attract new customers, … continue reading

Cloud-native success requires API security

The complexity of modern cloud-native applications, which often leverage microservices, containers, APIs, infrastructure-as-code and more to enable speed in app development and deployment, can create security headaches for organizations that fail to put practices in place to mitigate vulnerabilities. With dependencies on databases and third-party APIs, and sensitive information and secrets such as certificates and … continue reading

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