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Technical debt is a concerning yet overlooked risk for businesses that can stall a company’s response to disruption, limit their adaptability to change, and cause a failure to respond to shifting business and customer needs. However, reducing technical debt facilitates three positive outcomes: revenue growth, risk reduction, and fostering of innovation.

In this research, discover Gartner’s® key findings and recommendations to accelerate growth, mitigate the revenue risk of potential recession, and drive alignment by proactively eliminating technical debt.

Check out the results here!


LIVE! Wednesday, May 24th @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT |

Are you looking for ways to help your Java dev team meet their looming deadlines and free up more time for feature development? Adding more people doesn’t necessarily help with tight sprints since it takes a while to ramp up new developers.

Unlock a new level of productivity to maximize output and minimize overhead. Invest in tools that help your developers deliver quality code faster. Most Java developers prefer to spend time writing code rather than testing it, so making unit testing easier has both short-term and long-term benefits. If they don’t have the time or skill to write or run unit tests, let our AI do it for you!

Join this session to learn how Parasoft’s automated unit testing solution can improve your team’s efficiency:

  • Generate JUnit tests for existing and new code with one click!
  • Achieve 60% code coverage in under 5 minutes.
  • Reduce testing time by focusing on modified code.
  • Simplify and accelerate unit testing for developers.


EVERY THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH STARTING APRIL 18th, 2023 – See schedule & series topics below | 

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing technological landscape, it’s crucial for organizations to be agile and efficient. To achieve this, optimizing flow in the software delivery value stream is key. And the answer is pattern thinking and automation patterns.

Welcome to a series of microwebinars that will unfold the importance of automating using pattern recognition; automation patterns that’ll accelerate DevOps and Agile; and a lot more.

Featured Speakers: Lance Knight, President & CEO @ ConnectALL & David Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief @ SD Times & VSM Times

Part 1: An Intro to Pattern Thinking – AVAILABLE NOW!


May 16 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 2: Value Stream Automation Patterns are the Gamechangers: Top Agile Automation Patterns to Maximize Efficiency

By identifying patterns, you can optimize your processes through automation and streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency. It will help you identify and remove bottlenecks, which slows down development cycles, accelerating your team’s software delivery pipeline while reducing errors and boosting efficiency. 


June 20 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 3: Breaking Silos: Top Automation Patterns to Connect Business and Development Objectives 

Do you feel like there’s a significant gap between development and business objectives in your organization? In this webinar, you will discover how to align the right customer value with the right features and priorities, and learn how to use automation patterns to reduce the time it takes to design and deploy new features. We’ll explore how these patterns can increase productivity and contribute to achieving overall organizational goals.


July 18 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 4: Top Automation Patterns to Accelerate DevOps

Automation goes beyond code and connected integrations to automate end user tasks. Learn how you can use these top Automation Patterns to speed up the process of DevOps, and how to automate everything from infrastructure and microservices to database development.


August 15 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 5: How to Reduce Risk with Top Automation patterns for Governance, Compliance and Security

Do you want to reduce risk? Impose cost controls? Communicate aligned intent? This webinar explains how automation patterns can help you achieve these objectives. Get a gist of how to automate critical Governance, Compliance and Security operations.


September 19 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 6: Transform Your Workflow: Top Automation Patterns for Project and Portfolio Management

Do you struggle to identify bottlenecks in your workflows or find ways to optimize your organization’s value stream? Are you constantly trying new solutions to streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and boost your bottom line? In this webinar, we’ll explore the top value stream automation patterns that can help navigate common challenges faced by PPM managers and how they can use automation patterns to simplify processes, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency.



Growth of cloud computing and the preference for data-driven decision-making have led to a steady increase in investments in observability over the years. Telemetry data is becoming recognized as not only critical for maintaining a company’s infrastructure but also for aiding security and business teams in making informed decisions. In fact, according to Ventana Research, over half of organizations plan to increase their investment in observability technology through 2026 to accelerate the value generated from telemetry data.

However, just increasing investment in observability technology is not enough. To unlock the full potential of telemetry data, organizations must address growing data volume and complexity. Organizations must define winning strategies that can help them derive insights and get faster time to value while ensuring regulatory compliance. This can be challenging and overwhelming!

Don’t let these challenges hold you back! The on-demand video with Mezmo Sr. Director of Product Ashka Vakil, and Ventana Research VP & Research Director Matt Aslett provides a riveting look into their proven strategies for maximizing your observability investments. They discuss and share best practices and considerations to make for defining a streamlined strategy for your telemetry data.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the topics they addressed:

  • Balancing greater insight with the cost of managing higher data volumes
  • Better understanding of the business context
  • Addressing data distribution and fragmentation
  • And more!

Gain a better understanding of how to maximize the value of your telemetry data and improve observability across your organization. Watch the video!



Episode 1: How Automated E2E Testing Creates a Safety Net for Innovation

Speaker: Dennis Nelson, Customer Education Lead @ mabl

As teams adopt DevOps practices and aim for automated pipelines, they need to expand the scope of testing that’s shifted left and aim for high test coverage: because any quality aspects that are not covered by test automation and require manual checking will become bottlenecks to faster deployments.

Watch this quick 10-minute bit of information from SD Times and Dennis Nelson, mabl’s Customer Education Lead, to find out how effective and reliable automated E2E testing is the safety net that teams need in the age of DevOps.



Software supply chain attacks mainly happen because 80-90% of all software developed relies on third party dependencies. Most of these attacks don’t happen with the dependencies you implicitly state but the transitive dependencies they rely on. The most dangerous of these attacks happen on a “Zero Day” which is where a vulnerability is found with no patch or fix available. There are 3 types of “Zero Day” which can affect a companies’ reputation, credibility, and financials:

  • Zero Day Vulnerability
  • Zero Day Exploit
  • Zero Day Attack

In this webinar, William Manning, Solution Architect @ JFrog showed us how to use the JFrog Platform to combat these potential threats to organizations throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We discussed:

  • Types of Zero days
  • Front-line defense – “Shift Left” using automated evaluation, IDE plugins, and our CLI
  • “Blast Radius” – just because you discovered a zero day in one project doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting other projects. Find all usage of any “Zero Day”
  • Jira and Slack integrations for faster notifications, actions and remediation.
  • Integration into SDLC CI tools

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Security is inherently more expensive if organizations find vulnerabilities after deployment, rather than incorporated into the lifecycle via security assurance (SA). If security isn’t incorporated early and often, major consequences could happen, such as:

  • Financial loss
  • Reputational damage
  • Data loss (company or customer)
  • IP theft
  • And much more!

This report will show you how and where to seamlessly integrate security throughout the entire development lifecycle, without having to slow app development teams down.

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Sumo Logic is named a strong performer in the Forrester Research, Inc. report: “The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2022.” We believe the results in this evaluation also reflect the trust customers place in our SaaS security analytics platform to help ensure application reliability, secure and protect their organizations against modern threats, while gaining insights into their cloud infrastructures.

Reference customers highlight that the offering scales well and is suitable for multiple use cases across the organization including security, R&D, site reliability engineering, and DevOps.
    – Allie Mellen, Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research

Download your own copy of this Forrester report, compliments of Sumo Logic, to learn:

  • Why Sumo Logic is named a Strong Performer
  • How Sumo stacks up against the 13 other vendors
  • Forrester’s vision and guidance for evaluating security analytics platforms

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Why is digital customer experience important?

Secure and reliable digital experiences are essential to modern-day living, and of course are a priority for product and development teams in digital-first organizations. Creating and maintaining them is also hard, and when it comes to increasing user acquisition and retention, while building a sense of trust, exceptional digital interactions and services are required.

That’s where this easy-to-read infographic comes in – it provides you with six strategies to:

  • Resolve friction points
  • Identify opportunities for greater customer satisfaction
  • Secure digital services

Download this infographic, check out the six strategies, and deliver happy users.

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Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform for Application Observability enables faster issue resolution and root cause analysis with seamless integration between performance monitoring, distributed transaction tracing, and logs.

Learn more about what it is and what it can do for you!

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As an innovative tech company that processes billions of events to support its customer use cases, PagerDuty relies on real-time data to understand performance—from the platform’s core infrastructure to several hundred microservicess running in AWS to efficiently manage customer inquiries and support operations. Data intelligence is essential for PagerDuty to deliver on its SLA commitments for a high-quality customer experience.

Download the case study today!

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The leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for aerospace, defense, healthcare, hospitality, human resource management and automotive industries is applying a cloud-first strategy to support its more than 58 million users on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

To help its customers achieve business-wide digital transformation, the company needed the right data and insights to understand how development releases impact user experience. With software delivery as a backbone of the business, the company needed fast access to data so support operations could quickly analyze issues as they arise and provide customers with rapid incident response and resolution.


Sumo Logic stood out amongst the many options because of its robust, cloud-native platform that would readily scale to support the company’s 12 TB of daily logging volume. The company adopted Sumo Logic to deliver on its vision of centralizing telemetry data to gain granular visibility across DevOps, InfoSec, infrastructure and other teams.


Real-time visibility accelerates troubleshooting and improves software release quality

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