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Open-source software sees growth across the board

As the use of open-source software (OSS) continues its year-over-year growth, the biggest area for innovation and open-source adoption is now AI. But the growth of OSS is in every area, relied upon by companies for a wide range of business-critical applications, including data and database management, containers and container orchestration, and DevOps and SDLC … continue reading

Quickbase releases new AI-powered capabilities to improve efficiency in complex work

The team at the application platform for dynamic work Quickbase today unveiled new product capabilities geared at assisting organizations in making better business decisions and improving the delivery of complex projects. Among these new features are Gantt Chart for holistic project support and ‘Smart Builder’ AI recommendations.  With the new Smart Builder, users gain access … continue reading

GitHub Copilot for Business is now available

The AI developer tool GitHub for Copilot is now being offered to every developer, team, and organization through its Business subscription.  GitHub Copilot draws context from a developer’s code to suggest new lines, entire functions, tests, and complex algorithms.   The new subscription tier has a more advanced OpenAI model and new capabilities to improve the … continue reading

Google announces a new experimental conversational AI service

Google recently announced that Bard, its new experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA, has been opened up to select testers before it becomes more widely available in the coming weeks.  Bard is intended to foster the combination of knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of Google’s language models. The AI service utilizes information … continue reading

How to build trust in AI for software testing

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in software testing is both lauded and maligned, depending on who you ask. It’s an eventuality that strikes balanced notes of fear and optimism in its target users. But one thing’s for sure: the AI revolution is coming our way. And, when you thoughtfully consider … continue reading

Microsoft makes multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, extending existing partnership

OpenAI and Microsoft have announced that they are expanding their current partnership. This comes on the heels of OpenAI’s public release of ChatGPT at the tailend of last year, which has been making waves throughout the industry as people experiment with its capabilities. Microsoft had previously made large investments in OpenAI in 2019 and 2021, … continue reading

How AI is being used to further marketing initiatives

Regardless of the industry, if an organization is failing to measure up, customers will not hesitate to find alternatives, resulting in a loss of revenue as well as damaging the company’s reputation and relationship with customers.  One of the most essential aspects of remaining competitive is adopting automation, and introducing artificial intelligence tooling into every … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Point-E

Point-E is OpenAI’s new system which produces 3D models from prompts in only 1-2 minutes on a single GPU. Generating 3D models was previously very different from the image generation models such as Dall-E because those can typically produce images within seconds or minutes while a state-of-the-art 3D model required multiple GPU hours to produce … continue reading

How Google improves video voice dubbing through deep learning

With less than 20% of the world’s population speaking English as their first or second language, Google is ramping up the efficiency of video voice dubbing with technologies for cross-lingual voice transfer and lip reanimation using deep learning and TensorFlow.  The first technology keeps the voice similar to that of the original speaker and the … continue reading

Automation: The next evolutionary step toward elite performance

Over the last few years, AI and automation have been slowly but surely changing the landscape of the software development industry. Whether it is applied to testing, security, or reducing wait times for tasks that had previously been done manually, this technology has proven to be essential in order for organizations to keep up with … continue reading

OpsMx announces software and services extensions to Argo

The intelligent continuous delivery solution provider, OpsMx, announced new software modules and support services for Argo that make it faster, easier, and safer for companies to use Argo in production, according to the company. New automated analysis capabilities can increase the speed and accuracy of complex progressive deployments. A unified view and centralized audit of … continue reading

Anyscale Platform updated with new unified development environment

Anyscale, the company behind the open source unified compute framework for machine learning called Ray, has announced new updates to the Anyscale Platform. The platform enables companies to build, deploy, and manage machine learning and Python applications.  One new addition is Anyscale Workspaces, which provides a unified development environment for building machine learning workloads. Developers … continue reading Protection Status
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