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Progress Sitefinity DX 14.4 aims to improve user engagement and increase customer satisfaction

Progress announced the latest release of Progress Sitefinity DX 14.4 with new features to help organizations modernize their digital experiences including enhanced behavioral analysis, expanded conversational interfaces, and a high-performance frontend backed by .NET 7.  Progress’ composable digital experience platform (DXP) revolves around Progress Sitefinity, providing organizations with the capability to create personalized digital experiences … continue reading

Fibery announces generative AI Assistant to increase work management and productivity

Fibery, a work and knowledge hub for startups, today launched its Fibery AI Assistant. The tool integrates the GPT-3 API into the Fibery platform in order to automate tasks and reduce the need for external tools. According to the company, the Fibery AI Assistant is intended to allow users to automate mundane tasks more effectively, … continue reading

Google outlines four principles for responsible AI

With all the uptake over AI technology like GPT over the past several months, many are thinking about the ethical responsibility in AI development. According to Google, responsible AI means not just avoiding risks, but also finding ways to improve people’s lives and address social and scientific problems, as these new technologies have applications in … continue reading

Google is partnering with Replit to provide AI-assisted IDE

Replit announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide cloud infrastructure and services to Replit users. Standalone chat LLMs don’t have a project’s context and can’t be used to their full potential until they’re brought into an IDE, according to the Replit team in a blog post. The new partnership with Google Cloud aims to … continue reading

The ChatGPT API is a wakeup call to use these 5 key performance metrics

The release of the ChatGPT and Whisper APIs this month sparked a frenzy of creative activity among developers, allowing many companies to build generative AI capabilities into their apps for the first time. Numerous businesses have rushed to add generative AI features to their products, including Salesforce, HubSpot, ThoughtSpot, Grammarly, and others. This provides a … continue reading

Microsoft Teams has been redesigned to offer increased speed

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new Microsoft Teams App for Windows in order to deliver up to two times faster performance while only using half of the memory. The user experience has been improved so that it is easier to locate everything in one place. The company stated that these enhancements also … continue reading

Torc acquires Codealike to provide developers with more data for their job searches

The developer talent network Torc announced the acquisition of the coding performance measurement application Codealike to offer developers more data that increases skills, job opportunities, and enterprise value. “Torc aims to empower developers with data and intelligence, protect IP, increase upskilling and career opportunities, and make the remote workforce indispensable. Understanding performance data is the … continue reading

NVIDIA goes all in on AI, shares progress at GTC

NVIDIA is doubling down on AI, and generative AI in particular, with CEO Jensen Huang placing a big emphasis on the advancements in the company during his keynote address during GTC this week.  “The warp drive engine is accelerated computing, and the energy source is AI,” Huang said. “The impressive capabilities of generative AI have … continue reading hopes to build a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem

Mozilla announced, a startup aiming to make a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem, and pledged an initial $30 million investment in the company. “We’ve learned that this coming wave of AI (and also the last one) has tremendous potential to enrich people’s lives. But it will only do so if we design the … continue reading

Microsoft introduces AI copilot in Power Apps to improve low-code development

Microsoft recently announced a next-generation AI copilot in Microsoft Power Apps in order to enable users to build an application, and the data behind it, by describing what they need through several steps of conversation. According to the company, this release is a way to move to the next evolution of code abstraction, transitioning from … continue reading

Google Cloud introduces AI capabilities to simplify building with Google’s AI models

Google announced new APIs and products that make it easier, safer, and more scalable to start building with Google’s AI models through Google Cloud as well as a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite. For developers experimenting with AI, Google has released the PaLM API, which can be used to build on top of the company’s … continue reading

AI in API and UI software test automation

Artificial intelligence is one of the digital marketplace’s most overused buzzwords. The term “AI” conjures up images of Alexa or Siri, computer chess opponents, and self-driving cars.  AI can help humans in a variety of ways, including reducing errors and automating repetitive tasks. Software test automation tools are maturing and have incorporated AI and machine learning … continue reading Protection Status
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