Google removes waitlist for Bard, highlights recent and upcoming improvements

Earlier this year, Google announced Bard, a generative AI solution meant to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Previously the only way to use Bard was to get on the waitlist, but now the company is announcing that it is removing that waitlist and opening Bard up to all. With this announcement, Bard will be available in … continue reading

Patch the cloud native development talent gap with platform engineering

Cloud native technologies—with their malleable, modular microservice architectures—quickly generate transformative digital innovations that deliver high-demand customer capabilities and operational value breakthroughs.  But wait, how many Kubernetes experts do we have? We’ve got an industry-wide shortage of skilled software development and operations talent—and the complexity of cloud native development is exacerbating the problem. We’re not going … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cedar

AWS open-sourced a language called Cedar that enables users to easily create and enforce access control policies.  It provides a unified framework for policy creation and management across multiple clouds, simplifies policy writing, and supports popular authorization models such as role-based and attribute-based access control. Additionally, AWS has adopted a verification-guided development process to ensure … continue reading

The Rage Cage

If you’re like us, there are things in the world — and specifically in the IT space — that get us all worked up. Today, SD Times brings you Scott Moore, a performance testing guru who’s not afraid to share his opinions on a wide range of topics relevant to our work and how we … continue reading

Julia 1.9 delivers native code caching

Following three beta releases and three release candidates, version 1.9 of the Julia programming language has been released. This brings a number of updates, including the ability to cache native code, package extensions, and heap snapshots. With the introduction of native code caching, package authors can now utilize precompile statements or workloads with PrecompileTools in … continue reading

ASTQ Summit brings together test practitioners to discuss implementing automation

Is automated testing worth the expense? Real test practitioners will show how test automation solved many of their quality issues when the Automated Software Testing and Quality one-day virtual event returns on May 16. Produced by software testing company Parasoft, among the topics to be discussed are metrics, how automation can significantly cut test time, … continue reading

Google announces updates to Android, Google Cloud, Workspaces, Google Play, and more at Google I/O

Today at Google I/O 2023, Google’s developer conference, several updates to Google products and services were announced in order to offer developers improved experiences. Among these announcements was the launch of the Watch Face Format. This offers developers a new way to build watch faces for Wear OS smartwatches with a declarative XML format to … continue reading

Open Source Summit: AWS open sources Cedar, SPDX Release Candidate 3.0, and OpenSSF updates

Open Source Summit North America is taking place this week in Vancouver. The event, hosted by the Linux Foundation, is a celebration of the open source community. It has the support of many major players in the industry, with news announced during the event coming from AWS, Meta, and more.  Here are highlights of the … continue reading

Harness announces new feature to proactively identify errors

The new Harness Continuous Tracking (CET) release is designed to provide developer-first observability for modern applications to proactively identify and solve errors across the SDLC.  The Harness CET provides several advantages to developers, such as minimizing the occurrence of defects that go undetected, removing the need for manual troubleshooting, and enabling quicker resolution of customer … continue reading

GitHub launches new code search and code view

GitHub released its new code search and code view to enable developers to quickly search, navigate and understand their code, and put critical information into context. The new code search engine has been remodeled to be two times faster than the old one and has more capabilities such as supporting substring queries, regular expressions, and … continue reading

IBM releases watsonx platform to power next-generation foundation models for AI

Today IBM announced a new AI and data platform called watsonx that is intended to allow enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data.  IBM is offering an AI development studio with access to IBM-curated and trained foundation models and open-source models, access to a data store so users can gather … continue reading

Report: Adoption of DevOps practices increasing, while code velocity remains the same

According to the latest State of Continuous Delivery report from the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the adoption of DevOps is continuing to increase, with 84% of developers participating in DevOps activities in the first quarter of the year. However, the report also found that code velocity has remained steady for the past two years, with … continue reading

In the low-code era, codeless testing tools deliver the efficiency and profitability coded test automation can’t

The use of low code and no code gained traction in recent years as demand continues to rise for faster and more efficient application development. To keep pace with the influx of newly built applications, many IT leaders are investing in testing automation — a market that’s projected to show a compound annual growth rate of … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Frappe

Frappe is a low-code full stack, batteries-included, web framework written in Python and JavaScript, using MariaDB as its database. It is designed to reduce the amount of time developers spend writing code. Frappe makes defining DocTypes easier without the need for code to be used everywhere, since everything in Frappe is a DocType. The framework … continue reading

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