Google’s North American Google for Startups Accelerator Cloud is aimed at supporting startups that are developing cloud-based solutions. 

The accelerator will provide a 10-week program for 8-12 startups and will offer them access to Google Cloud resources, mentorship, technical expertise, and networking opportunities. 

Startup founders and leaders can also benefit from deep dives and workshops on product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development. 

“Thanks to truly amazing mentorship and direct access to Googlers, we have been able to reach new levels of specialized knowledge and deployment capability in our GCP architecture and artificial intelligence projects. From a technical perspective to a business growth standpoint, this is simply invaluable,” said Francois Gand, founder, and CEO at NURO. “What we have built in three months with Google will be a part of our upcoming next-gen product line in both Healthcare and Non-Healthcare settings. We deeply thank all Googlers for their exceptional participation in our journey.”

Applications are now being accepted until May 30, and the Accelerator will kick off this July. Google has already partnered with digital-native companies such as to democratize e-commerce and with startups like which leverages tools to transform traditional approaches to online learning. 

“Around the world, the cloud is helping businesses and governments accelerate their digital transformations, scale their operations, and innovate in new areas. At Google Cloud, we’re helping businesses solve some of their toughest challenges,” Google stated in a blog post.