The API platform Postman today announced Postman Flows, a visual tool to create API applications. This release helps to make the process of building software easier by using APIs as building blocks so anyone can produce workflows, integrations, and automations without needing to write any code.

“APIs are the building blocks of modern software. However, those blocks have not always been accessible to everyone,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman. “We are on a mission to change this. With more than 25 million users across every continent, we believe Postman can accomplish this at a massive scale so that any user, anywhere, can build and participate in today’s API-first world.”

According to the company, Postman Flows is a response to the increasing demand for low-code tools that allow users to build software without a large amount of programming experience. 

With this release, users can manipulate data with API calls as well as create workflows utilizing a high volume of readily available APIs. The company stated that this makes it so that everyone can come up with solutions to common problems. 

Postman Flows was inspired by the idea of “blocks” to form and visualize an application, allowing users to drag the blogs, build the application, and deploy the workflow. Additionally, with the use of AI, users can manipulate data returned by APIs by typing out what they want to do in natural language.

“Postman Flows is the sweet spot for us, as it gives our non-technical team members a low-code tool to build, document, test, and implement an API workflow,” said Thomas Schlegel, engineer at Built Technologies. “We can accomplish tasks faster with fewer errors, and we look forward to maximizing these benefits across the organization.”